Formed in 2015 in Austin Texas Melba Culp have just released a new single, Never Surrender.

One unusual thing I must pick up on, is that, Melba Culp have chosen to go down the route of classic power metal! Nothing wrong in that of course, just a little unusual to hear a band from the USA playing that style seeing as it is normally associated with Europe. A very welcome surprise indeed.

Melba Culp, don’t actually sound like any of the legendary Power metal bands, which is the clever thing about this single. Musically the guitarist unleash a wall of riffs, melodies, harmonies and sweeping solos accompanied by the bassist whilst the drummer sets the marching tone into battle. The vocals are not of the standard high pitched power metal scream variety that fans have been accustomed to over the past three decades, more of a mid ranged vocal, which actually sounds better than screaming so high that only certain breed of dogs can hear, joking aside, and being a fan of the old school legends of power metal since it’s birth back in the early 80’s, Melba Culp have created a fresh wind to the genre and are sure to find a lot of fans along the way.

Highly recommended for fans of Running Wild, Rage, Helloween, Blind Guardian and the like.