Medusa’s Gaze were formed back in 2010 in Bunbury, south west Australia. Rise of the Gorgon is the band’s debut album, consisting of nine mind melting tracks. The band were influenced heavily by the likes of: Machine Head, Opeth, Trivium and Nevermore, which may be the reason why there is a slight Swedish death metal element to their style.

The quintet kick off their debut with Taken from Life, this has a slightly mellow feel to it, but, as expected, it does get heavier, which, is a hell of a way to kick off an album! To be honest I was expecting another Tech Death band, as there seems to be loads of them in Australia at the moment. To say that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement! The sheer power unleashed in this one track alone is just unreal! If you can imagine a blend of Grave and Entombed, but with a Thrash twist then you are on the right track.

Dissapear reminds me of Morgoth (German death metal legends), it seems as though the lads, and lass (feamle drummer, which is also excellent to see, in this day and age) from Medusa’s Gaze having been peeking through my album collection! A true contender for favourite track off the album. It has everything I look for, power, speed, guttural vocals and dirty sounding riffs. Perfection!

To Ashes We Burn is another hell-hammer of a track that stands out above the rest. This is possibly due to its 90’s death metal edge, the clean vocals also lend the track another dimension. The guitar work on this track really makes the whole track stand out, excellent riffage and solos, sure to be a hit with the Aussie crowds!

Veneer Reality starts off with a melodic intro with, once again, great guitar work, clean singing, almost like a ballad, until the mid-section kicks in and the riffs rip your head off!

Eternal Rage, which kicks off with a Prong style sounding drum and bass intro. Once the riffs start and the song takes full flow, the clean vocals remind me a little of Burton C Bell of Fear Factory. The guitar solos on this track, have a strong Chuck Schuldiner tone to them. Great track to obtain serious whiplash to!

The final track off Rise of the Gorgon is Ravenous Mind, this also has a slightly mellow feel to it, but, as expected, it does get heavier!  This track reminds me of early Celtic Frost, such is the dark and doomy ambience throughout the track. Another great track to finish off a great album.

Track listing:
1. Taken From Life
2. Dissapear
3. The Valley
4. To Ashes We Burn
5. Veneer Reality
6. Beyond The Gallows
7. The Darkness Of Hell
8. Eternal Rage
9. Ravenous Mind