Matte Black Audio are based in Glasgow, Scotland. This is certainly one of the best acts that I have heard from the UK in a while, especially I don’t hear too many new bands hailing from the Highlands.


Their debut single Tether features the awesome vocal talents of Mary Zimmer. Initially I would say that the track is a crossbreed between Nevermore and Arch Enemy, but the more I hear it, the more I notice more elements buried beneath the structures. There is a distinct thrash/power groove with a chunk of progressive metal blended into the concoction. This equates to a masterpiece of metal not just for fans of power, prog or thrash. Tether is an awesome debut regardless of what sub-genre of metal you prefer. The additional vocal arrangements by Mary give the track an extra edge, in the sense of it breaks up the heavy/dark riff onslaught and brings it to a whole new level during the mellower passages.

I would strongly recommend Matte Black Audio to anyone, regardless of old or new school preference.