Mammothor are a quintet from Massachusetts USA. The band were formed in 2012 and have created a pretty cool old school vibe, but, revamped into a modern day sound. If you are a fan of the classic metal/rock sounds of yesteryear, then Mammothor will definitely be a band you need to check out.


Their new album Devotion Lost, is a hammer album, which I can strongly identify with. The solid, pounding tunes inbed themselves into your head and leave a distinctive mark. I have already detected a few influences that have helped form five very talented musicians along their way. There’s a certain hint of Rush, WASP, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Savatage to name but a few. There is also a hint of power metal, especially on the lyrical front. I get the Blind Guardian/ Hansi Kursch meets James Hettfield vibe going through me with every verse. A very unique vocal style to possess and master. Musically, each track has it’s own personality, scenery, which, in this day and age, is a rarity in itself! There is a touch of prog rock, which helps further catapult each track to a new level of excellence.

The track Elusive Engineer has a blend of Pearl Jam’s Jeremy meets Iron Maiden’s Strange World. which to me is nothing less than genius! This is not an Exit begins with a groovy bass solo, that carries itself throughout the track, what a class player! The guitar solos that are running with the bass are also sheer brilliance.

On the other hand, Generation Thief has a more bluesy tone to it, which, grows on you the more often I hear it. (not a big blues fan) The mid section drives a hard riff which, further enhances the diversity of Mammothor. How the track manages to turn from blues to a classic hard rock tune is incredible. Very well executed track!

Pillar of Simeon is by far the most complex and heaviest track on the album. It has all the hallmarks of brutality, but done in Mammothor style. So many bands get carried away with heavy tracks and loose track of where it’s going. Not the case with this track. Awesomeness on a new level!

To summarise Mammothor’s Devotion Lost is a 12 track album full of sheer excellent musicianship. A band that have managed to capture all the quality musical classics, revamp them, eat, sleep and breath said quality parts and spew out a Mammoth sized package of awesome tracks. This band is one I am going to keep my eye on. Great album, Great band, enough said!