There seems to be a sudden influx of SC-FI bands emerging all over the world. The latest band to catch my attention is Living Machines. The band are quite unique, both in their writing styles and their presentation of music. I: After Onyx is their debut album, and what an album it is! It is very rare that a band can hammer out an album of this magnitude with such complex arrangements, and yet still make everything sound original.


Living Machines have taken concept albums to a new level, with I: After Onyx, they have somehow managed to make an album in to a audio book of sorts. It really is like listening to a film, where your mind is in charge of the imagery. There are little dialogue parts in between tracks, which resemble a future world at war with technology. If I am correctly informed, there will be an accompanying comic released shortly also.

Musically, the band have nailed pretty much every style in the metal genre, from Death Metal, Thrash, Industrial and many more all skilfully blended to form a solid unit of heaviness! In amongst all the hard hitting riffs, there is also some harmonies, that help transport your thoughts to yet another planet, or space in time. The vocals are, as one would expect, diverse, in the way that there are multiple styles used in a variety of situations, from guttural, to clear singing, to a mix of the both.

All in all, Living machines have unleashed an awesome album that needs to be heard a few times, until the story hits home. I am forever finding new bits and pieces on each runt through, that, I never heard on the previous listening.

A truly great album, by a very talented band.