Lavadome Productions Releases BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS Compilation CD

Lavadome Productions has released a compilation CD from Australian Death Metal brutes BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS. Entitled As Death, We Shall Walk, the album compiles the band’s demo, promo and 2004 EP tracks, along with a cover of NOCTURNUS’ “Lake of Fire” featuring Mike Browning on backing vocals, and a re-recording of “Underground Dwellers.” The album serves to expose fans to a surprisingly fresh collection of song from the past, as BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS prepares for the release of its sophomore full-length in 2017. Stream the NOCTURNUS cover at this location.
The CD comes with an eight-page booklet filled with photos from the old days. Also included are liner notes written by band’s ex-drummer Hellaeon, which perfectly captures the passion of the early days; a passion that continues to burn to this day.
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Track Listing:
1. Lamia
2. Demonsword Infernal
3. Hellstorms of the Coming Apocalypse
4. Destined For Annihilation
5. The Earth Belongs to Hell
6. The Demon and the Tree of the Dead
7. Flag of Hate (Kreator cover)
8. Lake of Fire (Nocturnus cover)
9. Underground Dwellers (Re-recorded version)