Hi Jozey, thanks for taking the time to do this interview with me.
Can you tell us a little about L. A Knights?

Andy, thanks for the invitation. 

L. A. Knights started in 2011 as a cover band. It was myself on guitar , Dave Fanz on vocals, Troy Poder on bass and Michael D. Smith on drums. (We since replaced Michael D. With Mike “Damage” Gallagher  on drums and added Jeff Curry on rhythm guitar.) We played some really cool shows right off the bat opening for  Bang Tango, L. A. Guns, Bullet Boys and Faster Pussycat! Our popularity grew fast as a result. After about six months we wrote the song One More Round and it became a hit at our shows, so we decided to write more and those songs became the basis for our first cd…Welcome To The Realm…this cd is what got us noticed by several independent labels…we settled on Independent Ear and working with Ryan Block (president) we went to work on the new cd…Psychoanalyze. This CD comes out on April 8th! In between we honed our stage show and became one of the biggest draws in the region, known for our energetic and hard rocking performances!
That’s quite some accomplished in such a short period of time. Your music reflects on the great bands of the 80’s such as Mötley Crüe, Ratt and many other bands from the Sunset Strip scene. Is it difficult writing your own tracks in such a style, without actually sounding like one of you influences?
We actually use those influences to define our style…I will often think…that sounds a little like the Crue…where would they go with it…and Dave may have a completely different vision for the song…so we explore the differences and what comes from this is usually magic. I know when it is right because I get goose bumps…lol 
Your new album Psychoanalyze, is packed full of great riffs, hook lines and solos. How much influence does each band member have on the input to the song writing process? 
Dave and I wrote each track…bringing a basic song to the table and the guys then find their path through the journey. It seems to work well for us that way
How does the studio sound differ from your studio sound? 
Live we  play our tunes very close to the cd…the energy though from the stage volume…the crowd…the fact that we are live without a net…the booze…lol…it amplifies everything and gives it a crazy attitude that defines the Knights!
For those who have not seen L. A Knights before, can you describe what a typical show is like? 
We come out hitting things hard and don’t let up on the gas until we leave the stage! We will throw a few killer cover tunes in the mix…bring people up on stage…Rock hard and fast…although with the new cd coming out…we plan on breaking things down in the middle with some acoustic songs…a change of pace!
What is it like to be able to open for some of your idols? Does it give you an extra kick in the ass to play better, or is it just another show? 
Opening for bands like the Lynch Mob or Cinderella is a dream come true! The crowds are bigger and they don’t expect to like us…so we come out with chip on our shoulders and kick it up another few notches!  
Do you have any plans on touring Europe any time soon? 
Europe would be amazing! The rock and metal scene  is so strong and alive there, I believe they would eat us up! Some day soon if this cd does what we want it too…we hope to play there for sure! Anyone out there who wants to bring us over…hit us up! Haha
What do you think the future holds in store for L. A Knights? 
With the release of Psychoanalyze we hope to create national and international waves…maybe get some airplay and then tour to support it. We have two videos coming to follow Psychoanalyze…Dance and Devil On My Heels which features Tim “Ripper” Owens on vocals. Tim sang for Judas Priest and is a good friend of the band.
Thank you so much Andy!
It was a pleasure chatting with you, hope to see you guys hit Europe soon.