Kyzer Soze – Ascension (Album Review)


Band members:
Daniel Petley – Vocals
Alex Cabrera
– Guitar
Tyler Welykitscholowik – Guitar
Matthew Dunstan – Bass Guitar
Daniel Roine – Drum


Hello, and welcome to my latest album review!

Today, it’s all about a band named Kyzer Soze and their debut album, titled Ascension. They’re a Death Metal band from Queensland Australia, and after listening through the opening track, “Praecursio”, it’s clear to me that these guys are a band to watch. Half of this introduction is murky, eerie clean guitar melodies, tense as hell; the latter half is full on breakdown mode, with distorted guitars, pulverizing drumming, and growls from the deepest abyss.

There’s a total of ten tracks on this album. I plan on discussing a few of my favourites, as I’ve got a word limit and don’t want to half-ass something that Kyzer Soze have obviously put so much effort into. Sometimes, with Death Metal albums, the production value isn’t too good – but turns out that this particular brand of death metal is very nice on the ears. I love it when the actual studio work sounds top notch. Icing on the cake.

I’m not sure which of the songs is meant to be the single, but I really do like “Descendants of Cain”. Didn’t have nearly as many plays as the first two songs on their album collection, but I think that’s because people get their minds blown after the first two and they need a moment to sit down and think about what they’re doing with their life. Anyways, “Descendants of Cain” is an absolutely stunning piece, with frenetic percussion, gale-force riffage and a power behind it, a majesty that encapsulates the reader’s attention the whole time. Even the chaotic solo section is alluring, and most respectable. Plus, and again, that production value though. Damn. And that epic outro section. 10/10.

“Aedes Satan”, the fifth track, is insane. It’s so fast. It doesn’t mess around – absolute brutality. Reminds me a bit of Metalocalypse if I’ll be honest – even if they’re technically a fictional band, the music itself sounds very similar. There’s some interesting Black Metal elements later on around 3 minute mark which added some interesting texture and colour to this song. It’s a shame though that I haven’t heard more of the bassist in the songs that I’ve heard thus far – be cool to have a bass solo or something, but hey, that’s a minor thing, personal preference so to speak.

Anyways, that’s my review. There’s much more to listen through, but again, I’ve got a word limit – so check out this album if I’ve piqued your interest. It sounds so professional and so well produced for a band that has only just released their debut album – no wonder they’re signed. Looking forward to hearing more top-notch tunes from these expert metal musicians.