Krysthla – Peace In Our Time.


I knew from the first mass of weighted riffs that this was going to be a Heavy Metal experience of the most brutal and wonderful form. Krysthla did not disappoint my initial expectation based on that very first few seconds of listening to their work. Like a cold glass of beer, this music just got better and better the more I dove in. Headphones on, blocking the world and immersed 100% into the depths of metal.

Formed in 2012 in the UK this intense sound is created by Wayne Minney on drums (2012 to 2015), Liam Turland drums (2015 to current), Noel Davis on Guitars, Carl Davis on Bass, Neil Hudson on Guitar and Adi Mayes on vocals.

Krysthla are the REAL DEAL. The sounds produced is rather x-genre with touches of Progression and Groove however there truly is no mistaking that this is a Extreme Heavy Metal band with their own unique way producing great albums.

In 2015 Krysthla released A War Of Souls And Desires. A super charged album full of double kicks, heavy bass, filthy hard riffs and vocals that will make you fire up and want to jump into the pit! Their latest album; Peace In Our Time, released in 2017 gives the listener another element of heaviness.

Peace In Our Time is a great Extreme Metal listen. I say this, because the tracks throughout this album are all exceptionally weighted down with so much power by way of lyrics, music and vocals.

The track Age Of War has a great heavy introduction with hefty guitars and stocky drums. The vocals are wild – I cannot get enough of how Adi delivers this to us. Age Of War is aggressive without doubt. There is no giving up during this track, it is forceful the entire way through.

Make Disciples Of Nations has a good Thrash feel to it. I enjoyed the slightly obscure drum track. Vocalist Adi of course bashes this track out to the point of making you feel pumped and awake. Great politically charged track.

Initially, the track Depths is a slower burn compared to many of the other tracks from Peace In Our Time album, yet worked for me and added variety. Slightly fooled into thinking this possibly was an easier paced more melodic track, I was forced back into a sensational frenzy of drums, dark riffs and a wonderful assault of vocals. As it stands, this track is the pick for me and that wasn’t at all an easy choice to make.

Cleary, Kyrsthla are very passionate and extreme. Peace In Our Time album gives us 8 strong and sturdy tracks. To the point where I found picking just 3 to write about rather hard and this is because I did relish them all. Lyrically the themes are interesting, smart and defiant with topics of Magik, politics, rituals and waking up to the hidden risk of symbolism. This band will niggle hard at your metal minds.

I was very pleased to know, Krysthla are back in the studio working on their third full length album. A warning to the world, batten down the hatches for this next metal assault! I for one, cannot wait.

You can follow Kyrsthla on Facebook, and their website for band merchandise gig guides and studio recording updates.