You would think that Romania would be full of metal bands, especially Transylvania, seeing as it is home to the legend Vlad Tepes, AKA Count Dracula. Krepuskul are the first band from Transylvania that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. The quartet have been around since 2007 and in that time had two releases and a single. The band have been touring hard over the years and have even managed to play Bloodstock back in 2012.

Hybrid is the title of their new album, and it is easy to understand why they have chosen this title. Krepuskul’s style of music is quite unique in the way that it doesn’t quite fit in any one genre. Although the band were a death metal band, they have evolved to create a new breed of metal. The main bulk of the music is still based in Death metal, but there are also experimental elements in there also, fuse all this together with the aspects of melodic death metal and you have a whole new genre.

Hybrid is a very heavy, powerful album, with solid song structures, which I can’t really compare to any other band that I have ever heard before. Krepuskul have managed to give each of the nine tracks on this album their own identity, no two songs sound the same. The originality and technical ability displayed on this album is second to none! Vocally the band have opted to use clean and guttural vocals, adding more accents to their already broad spectrum. There are some tracks that have a doom/groove vibe, but then there are also tracks that pure death metal anthems. Hybrid really does have everything a headbanger needs, speed, power, groove, melodies, harmonies you name it it’s here!

Every aspect of this album, from the awesome guitar work, to the vocals and the hammering drums, this album is perfection! i can strongly recommend this album to quite literally any metal head.