Kill Thanatos started off being a collaboration between two students Elias Chrysochos & Aidan Jee, who originally set about covering other tunes. Thankfully the guys decided to create their own style, a style that incorporates more or less every aspect, genre of the metal world! There’s is a huge chunk of Melodic Death Metal, A touch of Doom, Power Metal and even Symphonic Metal.

The music that I was sent is an epic 20 minute piece of art! A Picasso of modern Metal standing out in a gallery of  unknown acts waiting to be discovered. If this was a painting I could describe it as a collage to incorporate every mood imaginable. Depicting different scenes the more times you look at it, in this case listen. I have now listened to the track Carry Your Cross five times, and each time I hear new harmonies, riffs and a whole host of extremely moving solos. The vocals are something else! They carry the music into different lights merge into the shadows, then reappear in a completely different contrast. It’s as if it’s an epic battle between good and evil.

I am positive that Kill Thanatos could have easily created 7 songs from this track alone! It is a hard feat to write a track this long and keep the listener interested all the way through. Some how they have managed to find the fine line between sheer genius and insanity. Back in the 80’s it was all the rage, write a tune lasting 13, 14 even 19 minutes long, but they all seemed to repeat the same lines, riffs, hook-lines, Carry Your Cross is totally the opposite of what yesteryear had to offer.

Kill Thanatos is certainly a band to watch out for in the near future. An extremely talented, gifted pair of musicians.