K.A.Z were formed in Lidköping/Sweden back in 2013, an have since had a fair bit of success touring Sweden. In August 2019 they released their first full length album, Fighting for Life. Now Sweden is probably best known for it’s melodic death metal giants such as In Flames, Amon Amarth or the old school death metal scene of Unleashed, Grave, Entombed etc, So it is nice to hear something a little different coming from the Sweden metal scene.

K.A.Z have a modern metal sound, with female fronted lead vocalist and two backing growlers which gives the band plenty of variety to cover many ranges. K.A.Z style has slight Bullet Fro my Valentine vibe going on, which is pretty cool. They also have a very raw, energetic, powerful sound varying the tempos throughout the album, which, again makes things interesting.

Fighting for Life has pretty much everything a modern metal album needs these days, it ticks all the boxes, from powerful up-tempo tracks to ballads in the form of the titletrack Fighting for Life, in which Louise can show what talent she really has. Her vocal range is quite amazing, she has a rather deep voice, so to be able to hit some of the notes is awesome!


I can strongly recommend K.A.Z to anyone who is a fan of Evanescence, Bullet for my Valentine amongst other melodic modern metal bands.