Jason Stallworth: Heavy Metal Workout (Review)


The tone of Jason Stallworth’s second album, Heavy Metal Workout, is exactly what you’d be expecting to listen to if you were to, you know, work out to heavy metal. The title is apt. This instrumental metal record, available now on iTunes and  is what you need if you’re both into this kind of tuneage, and desire some some serious gains.

The opening track, “Jacked” is energetic and vibrant. Distorted guitar and 80’s style powered percussion team up to form an incredible team. The lead guitar melodies soar gracefully over top, while the bass keeps everything together below. Why there’s not more music like this from the genre, I’m not sure; but it’s super effective in terms of its purpose. In an age where gyms seem to be dominated by Top-40’s candy pop and generic house music, this is a refreshing aural adjustment.

If you’re thinking “Please make more of this!” Then you’re in for a treat, as this is of course an album. “Maxed Out” is the second instalment, and oh wow; the beautiful, anthemic dual-leads with the chugging alternations are epic as all hell. The tempo is fitting for any type of exercise, whether it be cardio, endurance or strength based. This is a strategically well-thought-out and well-written record thus far.

“Train Insane”, #3 sounds sort of similar to the previous two tracks that I’ve mentioned. I’m going to go with the idea that that’s something that has been done on purpose – it would probably be more difficult to work-out to music at a slow tempo, or one that’s just going 99.5 million km/h. It’s nice to hear a key change or two in this track, and for the overall feel of the song to change alongside it. In a sense, the compositional style through the album so far has been kind of minimalist – making it more accessible to all kinds of fitness lovers that have all sorts of genre preferences.

The rest of the album is in the same vein as the previous entries. All and all, it’s a pretty solid effort from a man who teaches, performs and offers his talents and services to the world via his YouTube page and other social media. It genuinely seems like Jason wants to help people to become happier, fitter people. If you’re looking for tunes that’ll make you want to spontaneously start head-banging during chest press sets, this is the record for you.