Iron Worzel – Sludge Punk/Stoner Metal


Iron Worzel, (formed 2010 in Adelaide, South Australia) are a brutal Sludge Punk/Stoner Heavy Metal band who pack a damn punch!

Expect sounds riddled with violence and themes of havoc and anarchy. Not having been too familiar with this sub-genre of metal, I was pleasantly surprised of its intensity and the ability it had to make me feel all queasy and worked up in the stomach! Good job guys. This is exactly what convincing and full throttle Heavy Metal should do.

The band is made up of Shep on drums, Shane on guitar, Josh on guitar and Danny on bass and vocals. Danny brings the force with his strong and extreme style of pushing his vocals out from his God damn toes to the tip of his tongue! Its gruelling and fantastic all in one.

“How Does Get Fucked Sound” was a deadly track that I couldn’t get enough of. I loved the title (of course) the track’s vibe and it’s sense of Black Comedy-esc. By Black Comedy-esc, I am referring to the shocking lyrics, vile brutality of the music and unsettling ambiance this song creates, yet something about it managed to cause a little grimacing smile on my dial. A great track of ruthless proportions with heavy bass, harsh drums, ferocious riffs and vocals that would make you walk the other way in a dark alley.

The track Controlled Clusterfuck again is relentless in its attack and is blatantly hostile. The track goes mental levels of speed around 1 minute in, with the punk vibe to this sub-genre being the star here as it shines through noticeably. There are so many elements of darkness and danger in this track, thanks to those darkened riffs. It gave me a sense of being in an intense situation, that is about to become uncontrolled. These guys are pissed off!.

Iron Worzel have produced a Split with Apteria, which was released in 2012 and can be found on Bandcamp. They have also given us a self-titled album which was released in 2012 and available on Soundcloud.

This “not to be messed with” Sludge Punk/Stoner Metal band are set to play at Heavy SA, a heavy metal festival full of home grown Adelaidain talent, in April 2019. In addition to preparing for Heavy SA, they concentrating on recording new material for their next album, which is due for release in late 2019.

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