Ire Clad hail from Ithaca New York and have been smashing out their ultra heavy tunes since 2010. The quartet have a distinctive sound that I can’t quite explain in words, but I shall try and sum it up as best I can. Imagine Prong, Crowbar, and Black Sabbath in a huge cauldron, add some Tool and an extra pinch of Doom and the final result is Ire Clad. An interesting blend of Metal that I have never heard before, which is a good thing!

God Of War is Ire Clad’s second album, and what an album it is. 10 tracks of doom-laden eargasms. The album kicks off with a rather gruesome intro, Pray For Thee, God Of War before the wall of ultra heavy riffs rip through the speakers. The overall vibe I’m getting from this track is leaning towards Down/Pantera, casually battering the eardrums with no letting up. Each drum beat makes the floorboards move (I’m sure my neighbours love me right now haha). Feeds On Them has another form of brutality, it is more up-tempo, more aggressive, grabs you by the back of the neck and thrusts your head forward banging it against any object in the process. Piece Of Life has a really deep meaning to the lyrics, it tackles the daily struggles of life and suicidal thoughts. This is a topic that doesn’t get enough attention, I’m sure a lot of people from all walks of life can relate to this subject in one way or another. It is evident in the vocals, and in the music that this track has a heart felt true message behind it. There are so many tracks I could write about from God Of War, but I’ll pick out one more which I find mindblowing. The track is called Do What I Say, this is an absolute head-crusher! Don’t let the acoustic intro fool you, the heaviness in this track is totally neck-wrenching! The track has a slightly different vibe, it reminisces Machine Head meets Crowbar in an epic manner. The varying tempos and degrees of heaviness fracture every part of the skull, one sledgehammer blow after the next, relentlessly pummelling your skull into mush.

To sum this album up Ire Clad have created an album that will appeal to most fans of Crowbar, Down, Pantera, Sabbath and many other bands from the 90’s with a touch of classic Metal influences thrown in for good measure. It is quite apparent that Ire Clad are huge Metal fans first and foremost and have funnelled this into an insane for of heaviness.