Howling North – Immersion


Expect song introductions trademarked with moving guitar riffs, sure to stir the heart of the listener as feeling of solitude and contentment is created. A slow rhythmic drum beat can often be heard, matched with the beautiful Black blast beats makes for a truly peaceful yet emotionally charged Post Atmospheric Black Metal experience. All this is felt while I listen to any works produced by Howling North project. A lot of Howling North’s work is instrumental based, however this is still a very powerful and enthralling music feel and really is enough on its own.

Howling North was formed in Russia, in 2009. This project celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this year and what a great 10 years it has been. Howling North project has given us Howling North Demo in 2013, My Own Black EP released in 2016 and their latest release in 2017, was Immersion, which is the first full length album produced. Howling North’s latest single was released in 2018 titled; From Nothing To Eternity, which excited me for what is to come next from this project.

This music really does give you such a sense of peace. It has steady mild heaviness throughout and plenty of expressively and fervently charged movements within this music style.

Artem Dmitriev is the project and is an extremely talented individual who creates the remarkable sound; writing all the music, playing all the instruments and laying down the vocals.

Through The Wind is the first track off Howling North’s Immersion album. It is a nice fast paced start, with gorgeous blast beats and Black riffs. The touch of the tempo changing to more that of a rhythmic and melodic style had me taken away on this 4 minute and 22 second journey of Howling North project greatness. Fans of Atmospheric Black Metal will be in their element with these sounds.

Snowstorm is a powerful and stunning track also from Immersion. This track has attractive somewhat heavy blackened riffs right from the start, which ensured my attention would be held without hesitation for the 5 minute voyage. There is something rather ominous about this song and given its title, It did give me a sense of darkness, cold elements, loss and possibly a little sense of anxiety.

From Nothing To Eternity is Howling North’s latest single, released in 2018. This had a fairly moody intro with vocals entering at a distance, which gives such a feeling of emptiness and uncertainty. This truly is a deeply beautiful track. From Nothing To Eternity is 9 minutes 35 seconds of feeling the darkness within the splendour. Artem executes all of his instruments to what feels like perfect precision. This sort of Black Metal really is that of some of the most emotive kind. I find my Zen with these Blackened sounds. When I hear the vocals matched with this music, Its where it is at for me. This song is filled with desperation, loneliness and self-preservation. I hope to hear more of Artem’s vocals in the work that is yet to be heard.

Immersion charged my stomach with butterflies and moved me greatly. I am no stranger to Artem’s work and so much so, that I actually found myself struggling to explain its beauty in words. It is work that needs to be experienced for ones self.

Howling North project is working on a new album, which is due for release this year. It goes without saying, I’m excited to see what this amazingly talented young man gives us next.

All merchandise and Immersion album is available on BandCamp. Howling North also have a FaceBook page, where post relating to all recording updates, and general band information can be found.