Former Neurotica guitarist Shawn Bowen has created a new project, Homo Somnum. and are set to release their debut, 3 track EP entitled “Divine Migrational Transit.

Musically it is quite unlike anything I have ever heard of before in the many years of listening to metal. A very tribal effect to the overall vibe, with hand drums and percussion throughout the track I was sent to review, Divine Intervention. The guitar work has some complex time structures also, almost crossing over into the 60’s psychedelic era.with a hint of industrial mixed in. The track has some resemblance with Sepultura’s classic Roots Bloody Roots, from the tribal atmosphere. This is a very unique, to me at least, form of metal that has opened my eyes away from the norm of every day metal. The other two tracks, (see below for link to the whole EP) are also very original and stand out from anything I have yet heard in over 30+ years of listening to metal.

I would strongly recommend this EP to anyone who is a fan of industrial, tribal, doom or progressive, psychedelic rock, White/Rob Zombie.