Formed between 06-08, in Finland, Hirsipuu are a quartet who have an interesting style of music. Their new release is entitled Immentikki, which is the bands third release since their formation.

The ten-track- album is one of the heaviest albums I have heard since the 90’s Death Metal boom. The band have chosen to write their lyrics in their native language, Finnish! Which I find rather interesting, seeing as not many bands do that these days.Vocally, Hirsipuu sound unlike any other band I have heard, such is the brutality of their style. I guess the closet I can compare is a blend of Kataklysm’s original vocalist Sylvain Houde and Karl Willetts of Bolt Thrower. A very awesome display of aggressive vocals of the finest quality! Musically, Hirsipuu have, yet again, a style that I can’t quite describe. Obviously their music is brutal, insanely heavy almost borderline grind core in parts, especially their buzz-saw bass sound (which I find awesome). If you are looking for harmonies and squeaky clean solos, you are in the wrong place. Hirsipuu are brutal at lashing out monstrous riffs with no mercy.

Hirsipuu’s Immentikki album is a masterpiece of brutality which, to my ears at least, sounds like a fusion of the early 90’s death metal and grind core/gore grind executed with extreme aggression and precision. It’s almost like Carcass ( Necroticism era) and Konkrha (Spit or Swallow era) joined forces and recorded this album of sheer awesomeness.