HELL SMASH FEST 2014 Line Up Announced


The one and only ‘Hell Smash Fest NZ’ is back! Bigger, better and more metal than ever! If you haven’t attended or even heard of it then you must be living under a rock! And not the good kind of rock either!
Hell Smash Fest NZ has the good kind of rock and showcases some of the best and most unique heavy metal acts in NZ.

Gisborne NZ is the first place in the world to see the sun each day and in summer the ‘Gizzy’ population swells to triple it’s numbers attracting hoardes of persona’s from all around the globe for world famous events such Baywatch and Rythym and Vines. The creaters of ‘Hell Smash Fest NZ’ wanted to offer the locals and visitors alike something a little different from the numerous mainstream summer events and due to huge demand for it’s ‘relentless resurrection’ we are now into the second annual Hell Smash Fest event!

This is the first and only one day 12 hour Metal/Rock festival entirely on an outdoor stage during the day and night in New Zealand each new year. The bands commence at around 2pm with the more easy listening rock and metal happening during day where a family friendly environment is encouraged – but don’t freak out if you don’t have kids it’s not a like a kindergarten or anything; last year maybe 4 kids under 12 attended. So people can bring their kids if they can’t palm them off anywhere at that time of day, they can enjoy a shady grassed play area, bbq, slushies, paddling pool and hanging with their rocker olds until around 6pm when the noise and genre’s of metal start getting more brutal by the hour! At which stage kids will need to go home or to grandma’s as the fest get’s on with the more R18 events such as hot promo ‘slushie’ waitresses and jelly wrestling amidst a myriad of metal genre’s blowing you away all day and night and in super warm weather, wind in your hair, beer in hand….it really is the only summer metal fest of it’s kind!
Last year’s debut event ROCKED attracting numbers from all corners of NZ and beyond! With 11 local and out of town bands of hugely varying kinds of Rock and Metal; the HSF creaters were stoked to bring the local Gizzy scene a festival they had never seen before and at the iconic venue SMASH PALACE-the likes of which you will never experience elsewhere!

“Each year we plan to make HSF bigger and better with a constantly changing array of bands, side line entertainment and much more! Just because you’ve seen one it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve seen it all”

This year’s headlining bands, all from NZ and in no particular order of awesomeness are:

Exordium Mors – 
BulletBelt – 
MetalTower – 
Winter Deluge – 
After Forever (Black Sabbath Tribute) – 
D.I.C – 

and support acts:

Red Dawn – 
Project:Blood – 
The Remains –  
Fyrestorm – 
Harbinger – 
So it’s on the 11th January at 2pm til 1am, $10 entry before 5pm and $20 entry after (kids under 12 free) it’s well worth the trek from wherever you are!
Plus keep up with the facebook event page for the latest updates and news on the fest!

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