HARRI KAUPPINEN is releasing his debut album this Friday. Pre-listen to an unreleased song!


Harri Kauppinen is releasing his debut solo album ”Helvetin Laulut” through Concorde Music Company as CD, cassette and in digital formats on September 30th 2016.

Made in collaboration with producer/mixing engineer Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Sentenced, KYPCK…), the album wanders on in a singer-songwriter-style, set in a melancholic and gloomy Finnish Rock scenery, every once in a while stepping in depths and diving in tranquility, where the scenery is served with oppressive metal elements.

Pre-listen ”Päättyvän tien päässä (At the end of the ending road)” here:

”I wanted to make an album with the least possible amount of playing, and I wanted the mood to lead the way. For the songs this meant quite gloomy and partly even stagnant feel. Let this be my personal protest for the common music trend.”

”For the musicians participating in this album, I think playing these songs was an interesting alternative for what they usually play. Take for instance Rolf Pilve behind the drums. Before this session he was recording e.g. the latest Stratovarius album and the epic double album of the band Solution .45. The amount of notes played on those records is surely quite different from what is played on my album”, says Harri.


– Maa palaa, https://youtu.be/0gT_QAbg0oY
– Ikoni, https://youtu.be/mAmU3pAHxI4

Harri Kauppinen
– vocals, guitars, bass & keyboards
Rolf Pilve
– drums & percussion
Otto Närhi
– piano & keyboards
Elias Kahila
– cello
Teemu Liekkala
– backing vocals & assisting keyboards
Samuli Erkkilä
– guitar solos
Hiili Hiilesmaa
– type writer

Harri Kauppinen
– Helvetin laulut

1. Kiusaus
2. Merkityksettömät sanat
3. Linnut
4. Maa palaa
5. Lankeemus
6. Päättyvän tien päässä
7. Marmoripatsaat
8. Laulussani kuolevat
9. Katumus
10. Ikoni
11. Niin oli hyvä?