Grizzly hail from Wingham, Ontario, Canada and are probably one of the noisiest bands I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. I mean that in a good way, of course! The trio Have just released their second release simply entitled Reaper. They previously released an EP back in 2009, Drawn & Quartered EP.


I know Grind is not exactly ‘flavour of the day’ at the moment, but Grizzly seriously take some beating when it comes down to being unique! The shredding on this album takes some beating! At times it sounds like Eddie van Halen has taken an overdose of energy drink and shrooms! Seriously how fast does this guy play? He seriously needs some physio after playing, either that or some ice cubes for his friction burn on his fingers. And as for the other nut-jobs in the band, well they need help too! Jokes aside, grizzly are actually awesome, funny and extremely talented musicians. As expected, Grind bands just don’t play long tunes, so in true fashion, most tracks are very short. Short, sweet and to the point. At times it does sound like I am back in the 80’s listening to Protector Leviathan’s Desire on 45 rpm instead of 33 rpm. I guess that some tunes could be like listening to dream Theatre on the wrong speed, such is the high level on musicianship displayed on this Album.


So if you are a shred fanatic, and enjoy horrendously fast music, or just a music geek that likes to sit there and dissect all instruments and wonder ;how the fuck did he do that’. Then Grizzly are sure to melt your brain for sure.Oh and to prove they can play SLOW, there is a live version of Pantera’s Mouth for War executed perfectly.

Myself, personally, I love hearing weird, totally over the top, extreme stuff like this.