Fly Agaric are a Doom quartet from New South Wales in Australia. I have reviewed them a while back when they released another single. This single is actually a split single on limited edition vinyl with Thunder God of the Multiverse.

The style of the new track ( Face the Beast) is heavier than before, with a really hefty doom/stoner riff orientated vibe, interestingly, their vocals have changed a little since the last time I reviewed the band. The new style of vocal is cleaner and has a distinct Thin Lizzy touch to it, added to the awesome backing vocals, it lends a whole new perspective to their sound. Combine all this with almost John Bonham style epic drumming and the raw sounding guitar sound, I’d say that Fly Agaric have worked on their sound massively and have vastly improved in the few years since their last single.

Recommended for stoner/ doom fans or fans of classic 70’s style metal!