Fireforce – Deathbringer


Fireforce hail from Antwerp, Belgium, until recently I thought the scene was dead in Belgium, boy was I wrong. Their formation in 2008 by former Double Diamond members Flype and Erwin, started off a force to be reckoned with on the power metal scene. Not content with being labelled as power metal the band went one step further, and created their own style of combat metal. The band soon entered the studio to record their first EP, shortly after it’s release they were signed to German label, where they released March On in 2011. The Deathbringer was released under Limb Music in 2014. The album is probably the most perfect album of the genre that I have heard in a long, long time. The best way I could try and describe the vibe, would be to say it’s like blending old Manowar material with end of 80´s Helloween.

So what can you expect from these headbangers from Belgium? Quite simply, 13 tracks that is sure to give your neck a serious workout! From the opening track Deathbringer, (which also has a video, see link elsewhere in this post) to the closing cover tune (which is a real classic by Tygers Of Pan Tang), nothing short of wall to wall full on metal. Being an old school metal head, I really do love it when I am confronted with bands like Fireforce, a band that knows how to play REAL metal, old school style, and not using any new twists or trying to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Heavy, powerful riffs, pounding double bass drumming, screaming vocals each track laden with battle hymns of the finest quality.

Fireforce are a band to watch out for, I am positive that they will conquer a town near you soon. SO if you are an old schol metal fan, power metal fan or just a lover of great metal, with awesome riffs, solos and are in need of something to motivate you into your next battle, look no further! Tracklist: 1. Deathbringer 2. Headland Charge 3. Combat Metal 4. Thunder Will Roll 5. To The Battle 6. Attracted To Sin and Lust 7. Words of Hatred 8. King of Lies 9. Aeons 10. Anubis – Lord of the Dead 11. Sekhmet – Warrior Goddess 12. MN29 13. Gangland (Tygers of Pan Tang Cover)