EYEHATEGOD Cancel Their Australian Tour


In surprising news this morning EYEHATEGOD announced via Facebook that their Australian tour was cancelled with the following statement –

“We are not coming to Australia, and you can thank Heathen Skulls booking, Robert McManus. We apologize to all of our fans; its not our fault!”

Which is very surprising considering Heathen Skulls has already toured Eyehategod previously in November 2012 and have also toured many international artists to Australia which have all been successful tours. Robert McManus has not announced the cancellation of tour instead claiming that he was doing his best to resolve the issues with this statement –

 “As some of you may have read already, there has been some issues relating to ‘s scheduled flights to Australia. 
 is currently doing everything with in our power to resolve the issue and get the band on the next flight out to Australia. 
Stay tuned for more details.”

So this leaves fans rather confused as to what happens next, Anger and hateful comments have filled social media directed at the promoter with Jimmy Bower himself calling McManus  “A piece of shit”. Reportedly the band found out 1 hour before they were due to fly out that there had been a mix up with the flight bookings. McManus claims it wasn’t his fault and the travel agents caused it. Ultimately though it doesn’t matter who was at fault because the responsibility will always fall on the promoters shoulders.

This is another stain on Australia’s international touring record after the recent public blow out between Soundwave Festival organisers and Sevendust which lead to Sevendust pulling out of the festival.  This is still a developing story and as a big Eyehategod fan myself, my fingers are crossed that the issues can be resolved.

Author – Rick Daly