It’s not very often that I get promos in from Russian bands to review, I have no idea why, as I know there are literally thousands of bands out there. I still remember my first encounter with a Russian band, that band was Kruiz, a very talented thrash band of the late 80’s. As i was researching Emerald Mind, I noticed that they have already released a lot of material, so being inquisitive I had a listen to their back catalogue on their Sound cloud and Band Camp pages.

Civilization is a blend of both power and symphonic metal, with operatic female vocals. Now I know most people get the wrong idea about this genre, and most compare to Tara from her days with Nightwish. Emerald Mind differ in both their powerful speed/power metal passages from most other bands in the female fronted metal band genre. At times it reminds me of Blind Guardian with an operatic twist. Musically, the band are clearly talented on all fronts, I would have preferred it if the keyboards were toned down a little and the guitars took a more dominant role. The guitar solos are outstanding, it’s just a shame that most of the tracks are keyboard driven and the guitarists just accompany with a steady riff.

All in all, I think Emerald Mind are a class act that deserve to break out of Russia on to the main stages of the metal world. I recommend that any fans of Power and symphonic metal fans check them out.