Hailing from London and Bedfordshire/ UK Elysian Divide have been around since 2013 and have released their new EP entitled Beast, and what a “beast” of an album it is! The UK metal scene is still alive and new bands are coming through the ranks. The EP contains five awesome and unique tracks of the highest quality metal that I have heard in a while. It’s like a new breed of metal has evolved in the UK amalgamating most forms of metal to create a magnum opus.

Female fronted bands, or so they used to be called, when I worked for a label, used to have one or the other style of vocals and music, either the softer style or the harder, more aggressive metal, Elysian Divide have some how managed to cover every range possible, from soft vocals to belting out powerful screams. The music is nothing short than awesome! it is as if the band have gone back in time and saw all the good things in metal throughout the last 20-30 years and channelled it through their instruments. No keyboards, no samples or any other unnecessary parts, just pure Metal!

This band is certainly one to watch out for, as I am sure they will become a well known name in the not so distant future.