The lead singer of the band Ela has been in the music business since 2004, she had a lot of success with her previous outfit Com N Rail until the band parted company. Ela soon found other musicians around Stuttgart (Germany) to release her solo album. After a few line up changes E:L:A are back with their Second Reality album. Compared to the previous releases, Second Reality is noticeably heavier, more power metal orientated.


Second Reality contains no less than twelve awesome powerful tracks that are sure to find new fans worldwide. Granted it is not a common thing that power metal is sung by a female, but Ela has got more than enough power in her voice to convince anyone who is sceptical. Ela really does have a voice that can not be compared to any other female lead vocalist on the metal scene, regardless of which genre. There is a track on the album which reminds me of a Kind Diamond track from The Eye album, The Trial, not musically, just lyrically. I have always liked this style of writing, it makes the whole track become alive, almost historic, gives the track a deeper personality if you will. I can’t seem to pick out a favourite track off this album, which is unusual for me. There are too many to choose from, which is not a bad thing at all. E:L:A have produced an awesome album that pretty much any metal head can enjoy, there’s something for everyone on this album. The musicians obviously know their instruments and how to get the best out of them. Great riffs, hammering drums all harmonise perfectly to create this massive wall of sound.

A really great album that I am sure will win more fans over, especially live, where I am positive that these tracks will have everyone chanting the words. Great band Great album, need I say more?!