Einstein-Rosen – Le Pont Noir


Einstein-Rosen. First impression?

Intense. This is going to be a hell of a ride.

The first track of off Le Pont Noir is acoustic, murky, anxious, and deep.

The second, “Ruinam”, is more aggressive, and heavy as hell. It is discordant, pissed off, and instrumental for the first two minutes at least. It’s all about the riff – drums, bass, rhythm and lead gat. All there to create an aural atmosphere that truly is caustic, brutal, and on-the-whole a rather unsettling experience. It does this for 7 minutes.

At no point does any of this become boring.

What I’m trying to say is that Le Pont Noir is not your everyday metal album. It’s something alternative to the alternative.

It most definitely has black metal elements, and I’d also necessitate the mention of it lacking many mainstream metal elements. It’s colourful, edgy, and unique. This is therefore what I would like to call an “Adventure Album”, wherein you start at the beginning, make your way through the labyrinthine musical structure that is the track listing, and come out the end a better, stronger, and smarter person.

I’m not even kidding; the tone present throughout this record are unlike anything I’ve heard in (at the very least) an incredibly long time. Sudden changes in tempo indicate various passages of mood and vitriol, and without lyrics to guide the listener, I’m honestly not sure what the music is about. It is however still quite fascinating nonetheless.

So, we can all agree that is metal; that said, there are rare moments of beauty, such as in “Venerable Vestige”. Two and a half minutes in, it’s almost melancholic; but it’s pretty. Clean reverb-soaked melodies… until the distorted guitars come in again, and it returns to a paradoxical chaotic normality.

More than anything, this album seems like the composer was writing the music for himself. Now, that’s by no means a bad thing. What I’m suggesting in fact that the writer(s)… they’ve given out an invitation to anyone brave enough to know more about what it means. To figure out the music.

Or hell, maybe I’m overthinking it, and it’s a fully instrumental concept album, designed to test the boundaries of instrumental music. That’s probably it.

The only negative thing I’d perhaps note about this album is that it’s tough to listen to straight. Like, I’m an experienced album reviewer, avid fan of metal, and a supporter of new and existing metal bands; but this album is making me tired from listening to it.

Now you may be thinking “that therefor makes it a bad album!” And to that, I say “Bah!” Not at all. It’s intense. Like intensity and darkness? Buy this album, right now.