Back to Eden guitarist Edan has released his first solo single, Down in Flames. Some of you may remember the name Back to Eden as I reviewed their epic album last year. Once I heard that this project was with the band’s guitarist, I knew this would be something special.

The single Down in Flames has an mid 80’s Heavy Metal vibe, which I fully expected! was I disappointed with the first listening? Not in the slightest! With the style of music that Edan writes I just knew that it would be awesome, such is the talent of this man! Great guitarist and composer. I am sure if he was around in the glory days of metal that he would have been up there with Scorpions, Maiden, Priest and amongst all the other classic metal bands that all us old farts grew up listening to.

Musically the single has great harmonies, hooklines and of course, awesome solos! Great vocals and lyrics, and naturally the overall vibe is European metal based.

Seriously check this single out, and if you haven’t already done so, check out Back to Eden you won’t be disappointed at all!