Drive By Suicide hail from the Netherlands, and they have come up with a great combination of metal styles such as: Grind, Groove, Death, Death Core and a sprinkling of Punk. The final result is, as one would imagine, a very heavy, groove laden arsenal.


The track Fuck This is a great tune to hear from a band for the first time. If I was to try and explain Drive By Suicide to someone it would be something like, take the aggressive, old Slipknot (without all the samples), mix it with a hint of Discharge, add a shot of Sick Of It All, mix that with some old school Thrash, a peppering of Death metal and hey Presto there you have it a huge amount of violent, aggressive Hate Core. Ll barrels loaded and ready to unleash hell!

Drive By Suicide are already playing some good festivals in their home country, I don’t thin it will be long until the rest of the world catches up and start booking them.