Divine Incorporated hail from Quebec Canada, once again proving that the underground scene is unveiling more of it’s rising talent. When I first read that Divine Incorporated were progressive, I thought to myself, please don’t let this be another band that try and break the record for the fastest drums, or the most insane riffs in one track. Thankfully, the band are nothing of the sort. Their album Salvation has 12 tracks of the finest, quality metal I’ve encountered in a while.

Divine Incorporated possess a unique sound that makes me think of the Speed Metal era of the late 80’s early 90’s, bands such as Nevermore, Savatage, Helloween and Megadeth spring to mind. It is quite apparent that the musicians are very well versed, and are extremely talented. The tracks on this album seem to have movie themes, unless I am mistaken, one track in particular depicts this, Underland Chronicles beings with a snippet from Alice In Wonderland. This track incorporates many tempo changes, harmonies and a multitude of excellent guitar parts. Another track that stands out is The Game, this track has an almost Melodic Death metal theme, which is quite appealing to me, and displaying just how versatile Divine Incorporated can be. Another track I must comment about is The Aftermath, this track is probably the heaviest on the album, with hammering drums and the guitars loaded with heavy artillery. A truly excellent track.


If you are a fan of Speed Metal, both the old and the modern formats of the genre, then look no further than Divine Incorporated. You will not be disappointed!