Die Apokalyptischen Reiter are a quintet from Weimar Germany, who have been around since 1995. Their unique style is hard to fit into any genre that I can think of.

Musically it’s a amalgamation of the heavier genres into one. There are parts that are related to death or black metal, then there’s parts that have a more melodic death metal aspect, or a groove, power metal theme. The band really are the full metal package! vocally Fuchs tends toward the melodic death vocal style, albeit he does sing mostly in German, which gives the whole concept a different perspective to what other bands are doing. Der  Roten Reiter is probably the best album I have heard from them for a few years now. As the first track suggests ” Wir sind zurueck” (we have returned), and they mean business! No less than thirteen awesome tracks that will win over more fans, regardless whether they can understand what they are saying or not. A class album!

For fans of Black, Death, Melodic Death metal, Thrash, Hypocrisy, In Extremo, and many other sub-genres too many too mention.