DESECRATE THE FAITH Signs To Comatose Music

Comatose Music has formed an unholy  alliance with Texas born death metal monstrosity Desecrate the Faith.

Rising from the infernal flames of Houston in 2012, they soon released their successful debut Disfigured Arrangement in 2014, then followed  up with tours in America and Europe. Now Desecrate the Faith is set to return with their punishing sophomore full length Unholy Infestation.


Complete with unrelenting blasphemies, Unholy  Infestation brings technical style riffing along side merciless blast  beats and putrid guttural vocals. With bestial tracks like “Malignant  Divinity” and “Angel Eater,” Desecrate the Faith is unleashing a demonic entity that fans of all death metal can feast upon.

Be on the look out  for this sacrilegious offering of godless brutality scheduled for release in March 2017.