Deraign and Kaustic Attack Collab for Split EP ‘Pointless Lies’


Deraign and Kaustic Attack, for a final tease before they fly out to their Indonesian Assault Tour, have released a collaboration split EP entitled Pointless Lies. As of October 19th 2016, Pointless Lies is available for free download via Deraign’s Official Bandcamp but physical copies will be made up when they return from touring. Fun fact! Deraign’s Chalky Hill had this EP recorded mixed and mastered himself and a huge shout out to Taylor Burnett of Scumbag (and former Wartooth Bassist) for painting the Pointless Lies cover up! Be sure to check it out!

These boys fly out to Indonesia tonight and we’ll be hearing from them both and their thrash brother’s Wartooth in the near future.
Stay Thrash Cunts!



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