DERAIGN Headlining Indonesian Assault Tour with Thrash Brothers KAUSTIC ATTACK


Attention Indonesian Thrash Fans!
If you were unaware, this week, Australian Thrashers Deraign alongside Kaustic Attack are hitting your country hard in the Indonesian Assault Tour. With Tommy Muz for Malakyte filling in for Kaustic vocals and original Malthiest and Deathgrip member Glenn Donovan filling in for guitar, Kaustic are ready to join their Thrash Brothers Deraign in tearing up Indonesida apart! Metaphorically of course.

Both bands wish to give a huge shout out to Herman Bimz for giving them the opportunity and both bands are looking forward to bringing their personal brand of Aussie Thrash overseas. It’s gonna be one hell of a trip! With the first night planned for October 21st, these guys are playing the day they land so get prepped Indonesia. Prepped to thrash hard that is!