Decryptus – The Necrotic Design


Sam Phillips – Drums
Dominic Zambelli – Bass
Will Magnusson – Guitar & Vocals
Dane McKenzie – Guitar


The Necrotic Design by Australian Death Metal Band Decryptus is one that speaks to the 16 year old me. It is heavy, melodic, full of breakdowns, and is heavy on the fast-paced riffage and screams/growls. Overall, the 15-or-so minute, 1-track, 3-part release is something that I have a feeling that I’ll enjoy in its entirety.

The technical proficiency of the musicians performing this piece is instantly apparent. They’re incredibly good at what they do. It is precision incarnate. Granted, it’s in the same key and a similar tempo for the majority of the EP, but they manage to keep it interesting through alternating between some of the hard-core, thrash and death-metal elements.

As typical of the mid-2000’s metal movement, there are very few dedicated lead parts. The 6(?)-string section covers both individual and dual harmonies and there are lead parts at the beginning of this 15-minute epic, but the focus from the guitarists especially seems to be in supporting the drums, bass and vocals in creating a tone of brutality and misery. It’s highly energetic, and at the same time, aggressively intense. The three parts vary slightly, but share many of the same characteristics.

…Or at least I thought there weren’t any lead parts; towards the 13th minute, there’s a rather beautiful harmony between both guitarists and it sits well on top of the other instruments! “AND THEN THERE’S A SOLO AND IT ENDS EPICALLY AND” – there’s me beginning to enjoy myself with this record. Again, my 16 year old self feels at home. The final solo at the end? Well played, literally and figuratively speaking.

The 15 minutes flew by. It just disappeared. That in itself is incredible – it showed me that whilst the initial offering didn’t seem to be anything incredibly original, it turned out to be all of the good things. The band took elements that they themselves loved, from bands they adored, and put them into a melting pot that eventuated in creating a track that lasted a quarter hour and kept the listener’s interest for the whole way through.

Would I listen to this when I get up in the morning? No, but I would listen to it if I wanted to get pumped before a gig. Generally, bands that play music like this have phenomenal live shows and so that’s where I feel this EP will shine. The production work on it is tight and the result is something that is both noteworthy and a step in the right direction for this group. Please, during your next 15-minute break at work, stream it. I promise you, if you’re a fan of either Death Metal or Hardcore, you’ll love it.