Dawn of Destiny


By Tom Breedon

Dawn of Destiny are a power metal outfit from Germany with over 10 years of experience as a band. With 5 albums and countless high profile live slots under their belt, it’s unsurprising that Dawn of Destiny’s sixth studio album To Hell is very well polished. What is surprising are the different directions they take their strong power metal influence in. Elements of folk music are drifted in and out of the equation between sections of beefy drum fills, galloping riffs, and sublimely executed layered vocals which the whole band gets in on. The three contrasting vocal styles, ranging from a melodic female lead, melodic male backing, and a male growl, are utilized tastefully and combine to create a story line feel to the lyrics which matches the epic nature of the music.

Now, lets get this on record, there are *plenty* of fist pumping, high intensity sections and the enormous, uplifting choruses that power metal fans live for. Dawn of Destiny’s use of musical tangents shouldn’t suggest that this album veers off into a progressive or experimental project. This album does a marvelous job of touching on a variety of interesting influences whilst at all times staying true to their bread and butter power metal base.

Tracks such as “Fire” and “Belief” will more than quench the listeners thirst for those textbook power metal groove and anthem like verse and chorus vocal lines, while the element of experimenting with folk crossover metal is evident in the epic “Only The Ocean Knows”. “Scream” throws in some seriously dark twists, particularly on the guitars and the vocal interlude sections, while “Light In The Night” features a deep, death metalesque growled vocal feature.

This album is packed full of surprises added to the foundation of an excellently written power metal record. From the intricate violin section of “From Paradise” to the uncompromising verse into the bouncing chorus of title track “To Hell”, I can guarantee fans of power metal and those with an appreciation of groove and catchiness in metal will be able to play To Hell from the first track to the last and enjoy every second of it!

Dawn of Destiny’s sixth studio album To Hell comes out on October 2nd, 2015 via Phonotraxx Publishing. I strongly recommend you check it out!

Tom’s pick of the album: To Hell