Crossfaith Interview


Hi Koie, this is Ricky from The Metal Review in Western Australia!


1. We are excited to interview you guys after recently signing to UNFD records. What

influenced you guys to sign to Unified?


The biggest influence was that they are working with bands who have originality. In this music

scene there are so many similar labels and so many similar bands as well. It is super boring.

But UNFD have a lot of talented bands such as The Amity Affliction, Beartooth, Northlane and

many more. We met A&R guy in UNFD the other day and talked with them a lot then I though

it was the right decision for us!


2. Who are some of the bands you are excited to be on the same label as?


Actually there are so many our friends! The Amity Affliction, Architects and Beartooth. They

are some of my favorite bands and now we are on the warped tour with Beartooth and TAA.

We are almost like a family! Personally I want to tour with Northlane. I listen to their new

music and it’s amazing!


3. After releasing the three-track single ‘Madness’ last year, is the band preparing for a

new studio album to be released in the near future?


We are going to release our new album called ‘XENO’ in September! Also we already

released two new songs online, one is the title tack ‘Xeno’ and the other one is called ‘Ghost

In The Mirror’ which is featuring with Caleb Shomo from Beartooth. If you haven’t listened to

it, go check them out! This time we have worked with Josh Wilbur who is famous for working

with Lamb Of God, Avenged Sevenfold and many more. Working with him was amazing, he

brought us fresh ideas and his production is huge! I can’t wait to share the experience of

XENO with you guys!


4. Crossfaith’s music has really evolved since the first album through the electro-infused

Zion EP as well as Apocalyze, what direction will the band go next?


We just finished making a record and we put everything into that album. I guess you can see

our new direction through our new album!


5. The band are well-known for their energetic live performances and you guys have

played Soundwave for two years now, was the second time really different since the

fans got to know you really well?


Yeah! It was a totally different experience. It was the first time we played in Australia and it

was on the main stage! I was like “Fuck! First show in Australia is going to be on the main stage of Soundwave?”. It

was awesome to play on the main stage. The next time we came back to AUS was with Bring

Me The Horizon and Of Mice & Men. That was the big tour as well. This year Soundwave was

super nice to us. We were on the heavy stage, and it fit us perfectly. Slowly but steadily we

got fans and I think we are still the dark horses at that time. I can’t wait to be back in Australia



6. The last Soundwave tour had your friends Coldrain come join us as well. What was it

like seeing them blow up in Australia like you guys did?


I was so happy to tour with Coldrain in Australia, They are one of our best friends and we go

way back since 2007. We’ve done so many tours in Japan but only a few outside of it. Our

first tour outside of Japan with Coldrain was European festivals in 2014. It was so much fun to

tour with our best friends. We were sharing the same bus, and this would never happen in

Japan cause Japanese venues do not have enough spaces to park gigantic tour buses…so

sharing the bus with Coldrain was a lot of fun. We’d love to bring them again!


7. You also supported Bring Me The Horizon in Australia, what is it about our country

that keeps you coming back so regularly (don’t worry, we love it too)?


I love everything about Australia! You guys have great weather, people and especially music

culture! So many great bands are from your country such as TAA, Parkway Drive, Northlane

and of course AC/DC. Australian fans are always amazing! They love to support the bands

and you guys still have the big record stores! I think Australian music culture seems like the

Japanese one. We still have the gigantic record stores and people have a lot of respect for

the artists. That’s the reason why I love Australia! Just one bad thing is the price…everything

is too expensive! haha


8. We can’t help but ask what you think about the Japanese metal scene at the moment,

and especially Babymetal – is it just a fad or is it here to stay?


They are super massive in Japan and so many western countries so a lot of interviewers ask

me the same thing about Babymetal. I don’t wanna judge them because if someone is going

to be a metal fan through listening to Babymetal, that is amazing thing. With my opinion they

are not the band for me but at least they relate with metal music. Seriously I have no idea if

they are fad or not…


9. What other Japanese metal trends are currently emerging?


Crystal Lake! They are the metalcore band from Tokyo and their live show is so energetic! We

played together so many times and I recommend Crystal Lake to every metalcore lover

without a single doubt! Go check them out!


10. Finally, can we expect Crossfaith to return to Australia anytime soon, especially after

signing to UNFD? Perhaps for a headline tour this time?


Yes! We really would love to come back to Australia, but we already have so many touring

plans this year…I promise you guys that we will come back next year so you can listen to our

new album ‘XENO’ over and over again!

Love Australia! Love you guys!