Cline’s Mind is a one-man-band who has just released a new album called Souls of the lost. Solo projects are nothing new to the metal world, but there’s something about Cline’s Mind that stands out from the rest!

Souls of the lost is a crushing album, that crosses many different genres, mostly in the thrash borders, but occasionally crossing up into the death metal spectrum. There are also elements of power metal and progressive metal sequences thrown in for good measure. How it is even possible to possess so much talent to be able to play all the instruments, and still do the vocal arrangements, with guest vocalists Mike Lacey and Chris Clancy and everything else is a mystery to me, but everything on this album is completed with the upmost conviction, and sheer dedication. Another thing that amazes me, is that, how Cline’s mind don’t actually sound like any other band that I have heard before. There are a few likenesses that shine through from time to time, bands that have inspired the composer to create this project, I can hear elements of Testament, and some classic 80’s thrash bands. This is not to a bad thing at all, everyone has idols and peers and I think it is a good thing that their legacy can live on with musicians complementing certain licks or harmonic structures from the past.

I can strongly recommend Cline’s Mind to anyone who is a fan of both, modern and old school thrash/progressive metal. There is something on this album for everyone to relate to.