Cline’s Mind is a project that I have reviewed a few times now, and this is the second album I have reviewed this year! The new album is entitled One Nation Under Hell. Once again, the album has been recorded in Tom Cline’s home studio, with most of the instruments being played by the man himself, with added work from the awesome vocalist Mike Lacey, who was also on the previous album. Last but not least, Sean Long shows his talents with some awesome lead solos on the album. I am sure that Tom is a workaholic, I have never seen anyone release so much material in such a short period of time.

One Nation Under Hell sees Tom take an even more aggressive approach than the previous works. The opening track, and also the title track, One Nation Under Hell belts out of the speakers all guns blazing! The second track off the album is The Ship of the Dead, and personally one of my favourites, as well as having the brutal aspect to the vibe, it also has all the trademarks of Cline’s Mind, meaning the harmonic dimensions and the awesome riffs, and let’s not forget the epic solos! One thing that I think is awesome about Cline’s Mind, is the ability to fuse power metal influences with a more brutal death/thrash metal backbone. Moving on to what i consider to be the heaviest number, if not by far the fastest on the album, God of Evil. I have no clue what BPM this track has, but I am sure it’s over the 200 mark! A truly awesome, blast beat driven beast! As an added bonus, there is also a cover of the awesome Metallica tune, Creeping Death, tastefully done, and not, like some bands do, try and ruin the track. This cover is done to perfection!

So, if you are a fan of power metal infused with the brutal style of Thrash/Death, then look no further, Cline’s Mind are going to blow your mind!