It is nice to review a band twice to see how the music has expanded over time. Cline’s Mind sent me an album last year, Souls of the Lost, and now the new album, I am Alone.

Once again I have not been let down, far from it! Tom Cline has developed an even stronger album than the previous one. Ten tracks of groovy, heavy thrash riffs which, in comparison with Souls of the Lost, have more depth, better structured and the solos are just outstanding. Working with Tom, is Mike Lacey on vocals. In my opinion, a perfect blend of thrash vocals and classic metal styles. There are some classic metal riffs incorporated in the mix, and also some awesome progressive parts which shine through showcasing the passion for the roots of Metal. It is quite difficult to try and pigeonhole Cline’s Mind, given that there are so many different elements of metal melted into the Cline’s Mind, such as Melodic Death Metal, Traditional Metal, Scandinavian Metal and of course, old school Thrash. But, to me, The thrash elements are more dominant, especially on this album.

This album is a must have for any Thrash, Metal, Progressive Metal fan, as there are so many awesome parts on this album, it would be impossible to pick out my favourite, such is the vastness of choice and the mass of awesome parts conjured up on this album.