The new DVD “Terror in Tokyo” will be released on September from Emetic Records (USA).

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Church Of Misery – Terror In Tokyo 2 DVD set region free.

Terror in Tokyo is Church Of Misery’s 4th dvd and first to ever be available outside of Europe or Japan and 1st since since 2007’s Live In Red – Eurotour 2005.
Along with the main feature the entire set from the 2012 Maryland Death Fest has been added as bonus material.

Track Listing – Main feature
at 20000 VOLT, Kouenji, Tokyo 29th December 2012.
Run time 2.5 hours

1. B.T.K.
2. Lambs to the slaughter
3. Brother Bishop
4. Candy Man
5. Born to raise hell
6. Taste the pain
7. Killfornia
8. Red ripper blues
9. El Padrino
10. Shotgun boogie
11. Sick of living
12. Badlands
13. I, Motherfucker
14. Blood sucking freaks
15. Where evil dwells ~ jamming
16. For mad men only
17 Filth bitch boogie

+ The entire 50 minuet set from 2012 Maryland Death fest

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Also, the new album “Thy Kingdom Scum” LP is now available on Emetic Records.
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