Charles Manson Keeps the Creep Factor High with NEW interview


…and then there was that one time Charles Manson was interviewed by a Croatian journalist.

A multitude of high-profile bands from Guns-N-Roses, White Zombie, EYEHATEGOD, and lest we not forgot Marilyn Manson have drawn influences from the madman himself to create their art. Most of the excerpts used in these artists songs come from direct quotes made by Charles Manson himself and his “family.” In this most recent interview, the grandfather of gloom, doom, and all around creepy replies to questions provided to him by a Croatian journalist. It will be no surprise to me when the next band borrows a few quotes from this hilarious and jaw-dropping interview posted on the “official” Charles Manson site, .

Here’s a list of a few of my favorites:

1) What do you think about American politics, and about having a black president?

The president is not black, he’s mixed blood. Black is the African’s black.

2) Can you help me understand your power – your notoriety…. your charisma?… from the beginning, your connection with rock music linked you with a pop culture, and the U.S. judicial system put you in prison for something that you didn’t do.

Rock music came out of the prisons. The prisons are the birthplace of much creative life that’s played off into the over-world and they call it charisma whenever it surfaces in the media.. Like George Washington had charisma, or Adolf Hitler had charisma, or Joseph Stalin…

3) Hitler had charisma too, and a charismatic person could make anybody do anything they wanted…

That’s not a criterion, you don’t know that. How can you decide that?

4)…that Hitler, by chance, succeeded to enter an Academy of painting, (which he desperately wanted), will probably be written in the history of the 20th century as another story. That you probably…

How do you know that? How can you say that Hitler was in your mind to want what you think? You don’t know what that man was thinking. You don’t know what his circumstances were.

5) There are rumors that Charles Manson was involved with the MK Ultra programs and also Phoenix programs through prisons.

The what programs? I don’t even know what that is.

6) If you were to get out, what would you do?

I’m already out, and I’m doing everything I can to save my life – my Air, my Water, my Trees, and my Life.

7) The world has changed. How would you handle it if you were to get out of prison?

I would turn all the people into animals.

8) There is an impression that you have a high opinion of yourself – what is the other side of the coin?

There’s no self. Self is a game your mother plays.

9) Picasso said “It takes a lot of time for someone to become young”.

Yea certainly. It’s wasted on babies.

10) Who do you blame – bureaucracy, American government, system of law, or Charles Manson?

I don’t blame. That’s a stupid word, man. I don’t blame. There’s nobody to blame but one’s own ideas and concepts.

11) What do you think about your life now?

It’s all life now.

That is Manson. That it is. Ya dig? Now enjoy some EYEHATEGOD