Cerebral Cortex hail from Ohio, USA and were formed only last year in August! In that one year since forming they have just released their debut EP Seizing Bedlam.

I have no clue in which genre of metal to try and pigeon hole Cerebral Cortex, as their style is so varied. Technical Death metal or progressive Death is probably the closet I can get. There are many different styles blended into Cerebral Cortex’s sound from modern metal to old school industrial influences, but kept in a very brutal, heavy style that hammers home with every note!

The band’s lyrical content is a little unique also, choosing to focus on their ideas on how the human brain functions and how they envisage this strange part of our anatomy that makes us function. Indeed, you can hear this in their music, all the intricate passages kinda depict what the brain is doing. Slightly chaotic at times but very cleverly composed and constructed musical dirges. There is so much music going on in one track that you have to take a few listens to get the whole picture, which is something I like a lot, it occupies my brain a lot more than just listening to than a simple one riff one themed tune where everything keeps repeating itself over and over.

So if you are into technical metal that is seriously heavy, and has a lot of hidden passages then Cerebral Cortex are definitely a band that you need to check out. Seizing Bedlam will blow your mind!