Catatonic Society – Baptistina



Jay: Guitar/Vocals


Catatonic Society is a metal band that is reasonably catchy in terms of both their music and their zazzy charisma. I’m on a trip to my hometown at the moment, and what better to spend my time doing than listening to material like this?

It’s certainly a rollicking good ride. The tunes are energetic, solid and stable, and this particular breed of hard rock/metal has indeed caught my fancy.

What you’re probably not aware of is how much they remind me of Judas Priest. There’s a heavy influence from that type of 80’s metal, anyways. The difference, I feel, is that Catatonic Society are just a little bit more dark in their storytelling ways, but the vocalist, I feel, is definitely channeling some of that 80’s power metal in his pipes.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the music itself, or more specifically, the individual songs on the album, titled Baptistina.

The first song I want to mention is one called “Gravity”. It’s nothing like the first two tracks off of the album. Reminded me a little bit of pearl jam at the beginning and intermingles between triumphant choruses and harmonized instrumental sections. Some sections are abyssal and atmospheric, others are huge and overpowering. As I type, it hits me that in fact, I’m even hearing some Soundgarden in there as well! This is a very intriguing piece of music. “Gravity” is well worth a listen by itself.

I should mention the Iron Maiden inflections hidden in there as well. This group is including influences from different famous bands as they work towards something uniquely *them* and it has ended up sounding swell.

It’s music that I can respect. It’s professional in its production quality and its formation. It’s gritty and a little bit twisted, but what metal isn’t? What I’m trying to say is that I like it, but I don’t love the album overall (aside from the aforementioned highlights).

That by no means should indicate to you readers that I don’t see it as not being worth your time. It’s written in a way that I can’t really critique more so than to simply say “it sounds great, and there’s moments of brilliance.” The performance from the artists in this band is tight. The difference sections flow well together and I can’t fault it technically.

I genuinely feel that it needs to be listened to the whole way through to gain a greater understanding of its context. As wanky as that may sound/read, it’s my opinion. Catatonic Society is a band of talented and proficient musicians, in a league of their own. Long may they continue to rock.