While I was flicking through Facebook the other day, one of the metal forums was asking “is Thrash dead?” My personal response to this is DEFINITELY NOT! The Buffalo based chaosmongers Cain have proven this with their album The Ravaging.

Although the band claim to be Thrash/Death I would also include Black metal into the bargain. The vocals strongly resemble Quorthon of Bathory, from the ‘The Return’ era. Bulldozing bass-lines, merciless, rapid fire riffs, and a lethal drum blasts that will cause even the seasoned of headbanger’s severe whiplash for weeks!

The album kicks off with Undead Apocalypse, great title for a great track. I was expecting something modern to be honest, but, when this song started off a huge smile suddenly appeared on my face. Anyone who knows me, or reads my reviews, knows that I am a die hard old school fanatic. I have no idea how Cain have managed to get inside my head and see exactly what I like and release an album that is in some way influenced by everything I listened to back in the 80’s. There is some Bathory, Dark Angel, Voivod, Celtic Frost, Death, Slayer and a bit of The Exploited all compressed into this trio’s brutal assault. Seriously I am in thrasher’s paradise listening to this album! And all of this is just one track! Cain Road is a track that I had problems getting passed, it reminds me of Bathory track The Return Of Darkness And Evil. Pure excellence! Earth’s Extinction is another sledgehammer to the eardrums, it relentlessly grabs you by the neck and slams you all over the place, actually it’s hard to type whilst listening to this track, as my legs are air-drumming along. Killing Time, self explanatory! It kills every muscle, fibre and bone in your neck!


If this album is too heavy, then you are too old, or just a whimpy new school wuss who does not understand where the origins of the extreme, non-commercial metal came from! The underground Thrash scene is alive a kicking, and it will never go away, not as long as bands like Cain are still hammering out albums of sheer Thrash quality like this,