Bullet For My Valentine


I’m sure I don’t need to introduce the Welsh metal heads Bullet For My Valentine. They’ve been around for quite some time now, and love them or hate them they are about to release their fifth album, entitled Venom.

Having two teenage kids and a future wife that love the band, I have been kinda sucked into their music for a few years now. Being an old school thrash and death head, I never really paid much attention to them in the past, but their music has slowly grown on me, either in the car when the missus has her CDs on or in the kitchen or on various TV channels, some tracks have embedded themselves in my head.

Their new album V is more aggressive than any of their previous releases. It’s as if the Temper Temper album never existed. There is a real heavy angry vibe about this album. Obviously, true to the band’s style, the usual sing a long chorus chants are there too. The melodic harmonies and hook lines are also firmly in place.

Lyrically the album touches on every day struggles, from violence, bullying and teenage angst of a young Matt. Most lyrics reflect on his past, and this is projected by his unique trademark vocal range. Very aggressive and to the point.

Musically, Bullet have evolved and grown stronger as a unit. I am not sure if that is due to having a new member in their ranks after Jay’s departure. Jamie definitely does a hammer job on bass.
The guitar riffs are heavier than ever, and the solos are very well constructed, I get a slight Slayer vibe from the over all guitar vibe. Maybe touring with them a few years back kinda rubbed off on them a little?

All in all there are fifteen hammer tracks on this album, that are sure to surprise a few people within the genre. There’s a lot of ear-worm tracks on this album, I’m sure the fans will be amazed. I never thought I’d hear album this heavy from Bullet, but once again I’ve been proven wrong. A very solid album, that will definitely receive high marks in many reviews world wide.

Track list:
1. “V”
2. “No Way Out”
3. ”Army of Noise”
4. “Worthless”
5. “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)”
6. “Broken”
7. “Venom”
8. “Harder the Heart”
9. “Skin”
10. “Hell or High Water”
11. “Pariah”
12. “Playing God”
13. “Run For Your Life “
14. “In Loving Memory “
15. “Raising Hell”