Headphones over my ears, blocking out the world to make room entirely for all the sounds of Brokdar. As I listen intently, I am taken to pure metal injection bliss as I keep this greatness blasting into my ear drums’. Oh yeah, this was a good experience from this 4 piece Blackened Death band out of Russia.

Brokdar, who formed in 2011, out of Krasnodar, South Russia is made up of Alexey Godlevskiy on guitars, Dmitriy Saevskiy on Guitars, Georgy Tsedov on bass and Pavel Tuniy on vocals.

This band was formed on the ruins of Black Metal and Folk/Viking metal bands and bring a Blackened Death sound that is incredibly stirring and intense.

Their latest album Dark Craft was released in 2018 and is a journey through barbaric lands and harsh worlds with dark fantasy themes that are extremely creative lyrically and musically extreme to the darkest sense.

If you love a bit of symphonic highlights in your metal, you will be in all sorts of good hell with Brokdar. These touches are just enough to be enchanting without making it the feature or overpowering. The vocals are penetrating as Pavel belts out death style deep harsh tones and then contrasts with the captivating Black Metal guttural growls that had me at hello! Its here I am in my element and my eyes widened and heart raced.

I have many favourites on this album, in fact there is not one track I could fault. Each song lit my dark desire that I search for through the love of metal music. The self titled track The Dark Craft is the first track on the album and is the foundation of the eerie scene of isolation and intriguing fantasy angst, which Brokdar continue to carry in various forms throughout the album. This album is brutal enough to cure that craving for speed and bedlam that our metal souls look forward to in Blackened Death music, yet encourages challenge in metal style boundaries with their incredible subtle elements of stirring and emotionally charged melodic and symphonic tracks.

Brokdar are currently working on their third full length album, which is due for release in late 2019. I don’t know what to expect from their next album however, I’m extremely eager to hear though, as I am eager for more of those dense medieval vibes and dark stories that are not of this world.

You can follow Brokdar on Facebook for all their latest news, gig guides and album release details. Their Albums: In Fetters Glacial and The Dark Craft are both available on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Deezer, Amazon and many others for purchase.