BREEDING GROUND Band Battle Competition Line Up Announced



For the first time in New Zealand music history, fans and practitioners of heavy metal are getting their very own Battle Of The Bands, BREEDING GROUND, focused directly at celebrating the skill, and effort, modern metal musicians display every time they take the stage.

After getting frustrated at watching band after band get knocked out of various Battle Of The Bands around New Zealand, despite – in some cases- having the best musicians, the best compositions, and the best live show, event coordinator Rocka (Ricky Voice) decided to do something about it. He quickly teamed up with the new owner of Wellington’s iconic live music venue, Bar Medusa, and set about bringing his dream to reality.

Our aim with BREEDING GROUND is simple. To give metal musicians a competitive setting, where their skills will be appropriately and professionally recognised, critiqued and rewarded. The panel of judges are all experienced musicians or promoters, and each have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to write, play and perform cohesively such an intensive style of music. With prizes for best band, drummer, guitarist, vocalist, and bass player, we are recognizing not just the band as a whole, but also celebrating the individual.

The confirmed final line up is a perfect example of the eclectic and diverse nature of the metal genre, with the bands styles ranging from Alt-groove to melodic death, and beyond.

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Taking place November the 15th and 16th at Bar Medusa, 154 Vivian Street, Wellington, BREEDING GROUND is going to be the place to be that weekend for anyone with even a passing interest in the heavier side of music.

Line up –

FRIDAY, 15th November

Saturday, 16th November