Brain Stroke are a quartet from Toluca, Mexico. it’s nice to hear a band from Mexico, as I believe this is the first band I have actually reviewed from that part of the world. I know that Mexico has a huge metal following, so naturally, there must be some metal bands there!

Brain Stroke have a interesting blend of genres to their sound, vocally they have opted for the guttural, Cannibal Corpse style, musically it is a combination of groove-laden death with elements of thrash. Their single is entitled Sight Inside, and contains two tracks, which both hammer through with great powerful riffs, thundering drums and an awesome buzz-saw sounding bass-lines. if you are looking for blast-beats and six-thousands riffs per minute guitars, then you have the wrong address. I think, that all that kind of stuff has been done too much over the years, and I actually prefer listening to something with a little more thought than blasting away at blistering speeds.

All in all the single is a great debut that will sure find some new fans across the metal globe, especially with their heavy riffage that will appeal to a lot of metalheads!